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April 10, 2008:

Gary Busey is making a comeback of snorts sorts.  Following on the broken heals of his 2003 reality show on Comedy Central "I'm with Busey," Gary brings us "Street Lessons with Uncle Gary" for the new Saints Row 2 for Xbox 360.  I ran across a craziest story ever about Gary's wilder days at Wired Magazine's GAME|LIFE. Here is just one of the lessons from ole Uncle Gary.

At the Oscars 2008:

I was contacted by Vicki Roberts, Gary Busey's attorney and will retract my original statement (following paragraph) with her official statement of what went down on the Red Carpet at this year's Oscars concerning her client, Gary Busey.  Vicki is a such a sweetheart ...

Read full article here ...

"Contrary to your report, Gary Busey did not "crash" the red carpet at the Oscars "sans invite."  He was an invited guest as a long time member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences with valid tickets to the event.  Rather than reporting on Gary's alleged conduct without accuracy, perhaps you might comment on Ryan Seacrest's reaction and handling of the matter.   Also, for the record, Gary did not kiss Jennifer Garner on the neck; he pecked her on the cheek at the jawbone line.  I was standing right there with a direct view of all of it and if you review the tape (on YouTube and elsewhere) and stop it at that instant you will be able to see it as well." -- Vicki Roberts

My original article reported:  So you know me, wanting to find the best of the worst.  He shouldn't have crashed the Red Carpet at this Year's Oscars, so this is Gary Busey at his finest :)  Did he forget he was visible, that cameras were all the rage at these ceremonies, camera and video phones, digital video recorders and other technologies would be at the event?  Well, they were Gary, and they catch you sans invite.

Here is a video link to the events as they unfolded.  Jennifer Garner and Laura Linney on the Red Carpet chatting with Ryan Seacrest, and enter stage right Gary:      His last & only nomination (1978) was Best Actor in a Leading Role for The Buddy Holly Story.  Dan't win.

It's questionable whether he should be pulled from  After Sunday's self-humiliation, that has always been there since he discovered unbridled use of liqueur and c*caine in the '80's.  IMDB

An official website, hummm.  I love the 'basic facts' under his bio area, lol.

Busey bustin' up on the Red Carpet at the 2008 Academy AwardsThe lady on Gary's right is Vicki Roberts, his Attorney.   To save you the trouble hunting through Gary's site to find out who Vicki is, here is her site:  -  "Legal Representation Present and past clients include Academy Award nominee Gary Busey, David Carradine, Michael Madsen, Armand Assante, Academy Award nominee Sally Kirkland, Michael Nouri, Jermaine Jackson, Don Kirshner (Rock Concert, The Monkees), Seymour Heller (Liberace's Manager), and Academy Award winner Red Buttons." - quoted from

•  Enjoy y'all, Joe in BHAM.

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This is HUGE Music News:  It has been well worth the wait since the 2002 release from Supreme Beings of Leisure, DOS (Divine Operating System).  Their third release, 11i is the best so far.  Not saying that I have never was able to take the first two releases out of any good road trip's playlist.

I couldn't get enough of the self titled 2000 release or DOS. 11i will be no different.  I love it.  Thanks SBL!

BT  |  AlbumIma (meaning "Now" in Japanese)  Title: Deeper Sunshine

Unfortunately, has lost the battle with youtube and other video posting sites.  You can read all of the details here.   The Company behind is relaunching a new site called Veoh.  I am very glad that BT followed them to the new site.  He is one of the modern masters.

Deeper Sunshine was originally released in 1995 on BT's debut album, Ima (meaning "Now" in Japanese). Other famous tracks on the album include Blue Skies (featuring Tori Amos) and the club classic Loving You More. Several tracks from Ima are remixed on disc two by Sasha, and Nocturnal Transmission featured in the movie The Fast And The Furious, for which BT also scored. BT is also credited for composing the score for the movie "Monster" starring Charlize Theron. Read his entire filmography here on IMDB.

BT's This Binary Universe is available for purchase on CD & DVD with DTS digital surround at"


- Reviews, new technologies, enjoying your new home theatre & how Hollywood does it.


I have been a cinema buff for, well, since I can remember.  I will post on the three topics above when I get some more time.  For now, I am still building.

Overall, I tend to like intelligent films and filter most 'blockbusters.' There is nothing better to me than an excellently written, cleverly directed dark comedy. "Happy Endings" is outstanding.

I watch pretty much every documentary that comes out. "The Corporation" was so powerful to me that it actually had an effect on my buying habits. I recommend it highly. Docudramas can be interesting & "Mule Skinner Blues" is a great first if you haven't explored many docudramas.

The past five years we've seen technologies coming out of what seems like nowhere.  Combined with breakthrough applications, these advancements allow developers and multimedia artists like myself infinite possibilities for interconnected, content rich websites.

In the late 90's, editors painted an Internet that was your TV.  That vision is here today.

It was the early '90's and U2's Zoo TV tour sold out in hours here in Birmingham. I was lucky enough to go with friends to experience Zoo TV - GREAT show... good times :) For anyone that missed U2 on that tour, LG Electronics & the other trail blazers in the business of manufacturing LCD and plasma technologies must have been getting busy. There were around eighty incredibly large LCD screens hung all around the stadium with feeds from real time network feeds, random videos & re-mixed video.  It was a glimpse into the vast multimedia choices available today.

In 2007, Microsoft's Vista and Apple Inc's Apple TV have their personal Multi - Media Servers showing nicely at this year's CES. We are finally beginning to see this "Zoo TV " effect. DIRECTV's new HD DVR III will be capable of infinite channel surfing; on satellite or broadband Internet.  Zoo TV is here !!

I refer to the Internet and it's evolvement "kin to a lava lamp." It continues to amuse and amaze me.

Independent and Studio films

•  300
•  All the King's Men
•  Perfume
•  The Black Dahlia
•  Little Miss Sunshine

•  The Departed
•  A Scanner Darkly
•  The Corporation
•  Half Nelson
•  Running with Scissors
•  Dark Days, Documentary
•  Jiminy Glick in LaLaWood

Must haves ... to keep your day flowing  :)
updated 04.11.08

  • Amy Winehouse - Back to Black
    Groove Armada
    - Northern Star 2007
  • Robbie Williams - The Ego Has Landed (re-release) EXCELLENT
  • Miguel Migs - Those Things
  • Carl Cox - Get What You Paid 4! (Pre-Release EP)
  • Kinky - Sassy Ep  (has a great remake of Wall of Voodoo's 1982's alternative hit "Mexican Radio.''
  • Kid Cozmo - Kid Cozmo
  • Ultra Nate - Free (single)
  • The Chilled Traveler - Pockets in a mad Suit Vol. 1
  • Robbie Williams - Rudebox [explicit] - Import
  • Nouvelle Vague - Bande a Part - Limited Edition
  • Sean Ensign - Finally & remix albums
  • Audio Bullys - Generation
  • Madison Park - In the Stars
  • Janet - 20 y.o.
  • Goldfrapp - Supernature (U.S. version)
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By far this is the best site for finding a unique gift for that person who is impossible to shop for.  A Japanese designer's May-Wa Denki's wind up band members are just an example of cool stuff you can find.  (collect all 6).  I first found these guys in an incredibly imaginative, diverse, 'had to have everthing,' & best shopped for gift shop in Amsterdam.  The owner told me that the best place to go to market was Japan.

May-Wa Denki Guitarhoolah

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